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Why would one ever go to Nesbyen? Well, if you’ve ever asked yourself this question, look down, and think again.


At a first glance, there’s not much that Nesbyen can offer you. Monuments? Cool museums? Theme parks? Nope. Impressive architecture? Nah… World famous Goats Cheese Festival? Nothing of the kind. So maybe a river? There is a river, right? Yep, but not a particularly nice one. Woods? Could be, woods are nice there indeed, but that’s not uncommon in Norway, is it?

Then what?



Although it’s still a “work in progress” kind of place, even now Nesbyen can offer you a lot. A pumptruck, 5 intermittent, 8 difficult and 2 expert trails are already in use (please, check Trailguide for more details). Possibly not all of them are in their best ever condition now, but this is about to change. The Impressive scale of investments that are taking place is Nesbyen as well as the political will and awareness of benefits that mtb can bring to the local community are obviously a good sign for the future.

Although I didn’t spend too much time in Nesbyen I loved the place at first sight. Tight, twisty singletracks, technical rocky bits, cool drops and rooty sections – it’s all waiting for you in Nesbyen. Yes, most of the trails were not particularly easy, so starting your mtb adventure in Nesbyen might be tough. More confident riders however, will certainly enjoy variety of features that local woods have to offer.

Still unconvinced? Have a look at the video below or photos here:

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