Portugal? Good idea! IMBA Europe Summit teaser

Heading off to the south is always a good idea, and even a better one if you’re fed up with cold and wet early spring in Norway. There are certain benefits of organizing IMBA Europe Summit 2017 in Portugal, that no other location could provide. Here, you can catch a glimpse of what was waiting for us in this westernmost country of mainland Europe.

This year’s IMBA Europe Summit took place in Águeda, which is located about about 2 hours away from Porto. Although it is rather far away from Norway, getting there was not difficult, because of the the cheap flights to Porto and frequent train connections to Aveiro, and then Águeda. Remembering our journey to Rogers Bentonville in Arkansas, I must admit that public transportation is something that can be learned from Europe.

It’s worth to mention that not everybody choose this easy, yet unsustainable way of getting to Portugal by plane: Agnieszka and the boys from POMBA (Polish Mountain Bikers Alliance) are still enjoying their road trip (from Poland to Portugal), now biking probably somewhere in Slovenia 🙂 Good luck to you, guys!

Portugal welcomed us with the lovely weather. Around 24 degrees Celsius, sun and breeze from the ocean – you cannot ask for more. Because of the changes in schedule of the Summit, we got one extra day in Porto and we did our best to make the most out of it.

We’ve tried some of the local specialities…

… and admired Porto’s top attractions and sights…

There was a lot to see, especially for a one day. Walking made us tired, so cycling sounded like a plan 🙂 And here we were, ready for the first day of IMBA Europe Summit 2017.

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