Good to see you here!

Let me introduce myself:

In Norway I go by both of my first names, so feel free to call me Balbina or Agata. I live in the suburbs of Oslo, and study at Centre for Development and the Environment (SUM) at UiO. I love mountain biking and taking photos during my trips. I also enjoy reading mtb related articles, mainly those, that are written form more scientific perspective.

I quit law school and the job in the law office and now, I’m hoping to find new and exciting path* for my future 😉

*trail, if you wish

What’s on my page

Although I’m going to write about many different things in here, I’ve divided my page into 4, broad categories:

In PLACES category you will find descriptions of trails I biked, bike or plan to bike in near future. I travel mainly within Norway, though I enjoy some other (more distant) locations too. My trips are often being haphazard: as I prefer to have a first-hand experience, I explore Norwegian mud only too often. However, thanks to this method, I’ve come across some epic places too.

I’ve had a lot of bike-related adventures, and I’m planning to have even more soon. If you’d like to read about events I took part in or strange things that happened to me in the woods, please have a look at the ADVENTURE category.

I read quite a lot about mountain biking, mainly scientific papers. KNOWLEDGE is a big word indeed, but in this category I’ve put all the stuff I came across recently and could recommend for anyone similarly inclined to read. Cold, dark winter nights are obviously perfect for reading, so all those living in Norway are highly advantaged.

You won’t find any technical tips or reviews of newly release gear on this page. My knowledge in this field is quite limited. From time to time I might write about something I find useful, stupid or particularly funny. It’s also quite possible that I might want to enthuse about my bike a couple of times (since, as we all know, “the world’s best bike is the one you own”). There won’t be too many of these ramblings, but all of it will go straight into THINGS.

That would be all. I hope you will like it here. Please do not hesitate to contact me.



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